What is Prefixer?

Prefixer is an utility app that reacts on incoming and/or outgoing calls and makes sure that prefixes/suffixes are removed and added to the numbers you dial from your Android phone. All this based on the configurable rules you define yourself. You never have to add that specific area or country code manually again! Neither do you have to mess with your contact list! The possibilities are endless! Well, almost anyway... :-)

What Android versions are supported?

All versions from 1.5 and later are supported.

Prefixer should work on (almost) all devices, but have at least been verified working on these models by ourselves or our friends:

Nexus One (2.2+)

HTC Desire (2.1+)*

HTC Desire HD (2.2+)*

HTC Hero (2.1)

HTC Evo*

HTC Evo 3D*

HTC Wildfire*

HTC Ace*

HTC Thunderbolt*

Motorola Milestone*

Droid Incredible*

SonyEricsson X10 (1.6+)

SonyEricsson X10 Mini (1.6+)*

Samsung Galaxy (1.5)

Samsung Galaxy S (2.2+)


(* only works with the "Dialing fix" enabled in menu > preferences)

What are all permissions for?

We are trying to keep the application permission requests to a minimum. Here are explanations for the current needed permissions when installing Prefixer from Android Market:

  • PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS - to be able to trigger on and interrupt outgoing calls

  • READ_PHONE_STATE - to be able to trigger on incoming calls

  • READ_CONTACTS - to be able to search for contacts when chosen as condition in a rule and to be able to present caller id information for incoming calls.

  • WRITE_CONTACTS - to be able to write to call history

  • CALL_PHONE - to be able to make phone calls based on your rules

  • VIBRATE - to be able to vibrate when number are replaced by Prefixer

  • BLUETOOTH & BLUETOOTH_ADMIN - to be able to know if Bluetooth is in use or not (bypassing call confirmation dialogs)

  • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE & ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - to be able to know whether the WiFi condition should trigger or not

Will it drain my battery?

No, the app will not drain your battery! It is only activated the same second a call is made. No prefixer processes are running in the background.

Will there be future updates?

Yes, new functions are added constantly and we are still working on several new ideas. Just wait and see!

Where can I get it?

Search for Prefixer on Android Market or scan the barcode here to open up Prefixer in Android Market on your phone.

May I suggest an idea?

Indeed! Just send an email to ideas@253below.com with your idea and we will consider it in a future update.