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Release notes

These are the release notes for Prefixer where you'll find information about added functionality, fixes, and other stuff in all versions.

Version 2.0+

Version 1.5.4

  • Added an actionbar and updated the menu logic. This also solved the issue with ICS on Galaxy Nexus where the menu button isn't available.

Version 1.5.1

  • Added condition: WiFi (connected/disconnected).
  • Added condition: Not member in contact group.
  • Added condition: Number labeled/not labeled (ex. Work, Home, Mobile).
  • Added import/export of rule sets to and from file (*.pfx).
  • Added possibility to call original number from the confirmation dialog.
  • Added "Lookup caller" action to the basic editor for incoming calls.
  • Added automatic replacement of the ¦ character to | in the regex editors (HTC Sense keyboard).
  • Updated the rule editor with basic and advanced modes.
  • Added translations: French (thanks Alex!)
  • Added a menu link to our new forum at
  • Bug fix: Fixed the issue with logging only the original number to the call log.
  • Bug fix: Added HTC Evo 3D (PG86100) and HTC Droid incredible 2 (ADR6350) to the list of phones that need the "Dialing fix" enabled.
  • Minor internal restructuring and fixes.

Version 1.0.1

  • Now possible to choose if original, modified or both numbers should be logged to call history. 
  • Added HTC Thunderbolt (ADR6400L) to the list of phones that need the dialing fix enabled. 
  • Bug fixes 

Known issues:
Problems on ZTE Blade where Prefixer only triggers for calls made from call log and contact list, not directly dialed numbers.
When new call log entries are created by Prefixer these don't get the right call duration in them

Version 1.0

New action: Auto handle call. Let Prefixer answer, silence or deny calls automatically with configurable delay. Note! Only for Android <2.3.
New preferences
    Choose language independent of locale. Available languages - 
        German (thanks Karim!), 
        Italian (thanks Bruno!) and 
    Added the possibility to inform which rule has triggered.
Bug fixes:  
    Added HTC Wildfire and HTC Ace (myTouch 4G) to the list of phones that need the dialing fix enabled.
    Only showing unique items in contact group list.

Version 0.9.3

Added configurable "Lookup contact" action for incoming calls (previously default behavior).
No longer showing call confirmation dialogs in the list of recently launched apps.
Added Swedish translation of Prefixer (locale dependent).
    Fixed a bug where the next call was ignored by Prefixer after having canceled a call confirmation dialog.
    Fixed a bug related to looking up contact groups.
    Fixed a bug where numbers added to call log always was set to "outgoing".
Minor language fixes.
Known bugs: 
Doesn't work on some rooted phones using Cyanogen Mod 6 (CM6) 

Version 0.9.2

A complete remake of the "When number matches" editor. Now includes both selectable expression templates and a regular expression cheat sheet.
Minor correction in help file.
Added HTC Desire HD to the list of phones that need the dialing fix setting enabled.
Bug fix ("," and "#" characters should no longer be removed from the dial string on those phones that had this problem earlier)

Known bugs: 
Doesn't work on some rooted phones using Cyanogen Mod 6 (CM6)

Version 0.9.1

Added on/off widget
New conditions: 
    Member in group
Updated icons
Updated compatibility with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Version 0.8

New function: Call confirm with three different modes; standard, manual and challenge (party filter)
Movable rules (up/down) to be able to prioritize them
Added application preferences
Added example expressions to the "When number matches"-dialog
Fix for users with HTC phones and Cyanogen Mod

Version 0.7

New condition: Contact list presence. Adding the possibility to base rules on whether the number exists or doesn't exist in the contact list.
Possibility to add rules for incoming calls, including contact list look up and presentation of found contact.
For outgoing calls - added the possibility to log the original dialed number to call history (even if manipulated by Prefixer). For incoming calls - added the possibility to add the manipulated number to call history.
On some phones it wasn't possible to "tip a friend" from the menu. This should now be fixed.
Minor bug fixes.

Known bugs:
Some users have reported problems on previous version (0.6.4) using the following phones: HTC EVO, HTC Droid Incredible & Motorola Milestone. Please contact us if you still have problems after updating to Prefixer 0.7!

Version 0.6.4

Fix for HTC Desire with Froyo (Android 2.2)!
Added a "Relase notes" dialog

Version 0.6.1

Implemented a fix for problem related to HTC Desire users with Froyo (Android 2.2).
Added syntax checker when editing the parameters that could be regular expressions. Invalid rules will be ignored by Prefixer when calls are made.

Known bugs:
Still problems on HTC Desire (specially running Froyo/2.2). Thanks Arnaldo, Joel & Jan-Inge for helping us test this!

Version 0.6

New sharing abilities! Share rules via barcodes or weblinks
Added short vibration when a Prefixer rule has executed
Changed rule parameter names
Separated rules into conditions and actions
Updated help (hopefully more understandable)

Version 0.5.1

New UI and improved rule editor!
Unlimited number of rules
New day and time rule parameters
Rule sharing using barcode scanner fixed
A2SD support (Froyo)

Version 0.4.1

Fixed a bug regarding the first rule parameter. FC occured when the value contained more than one character.
Optimizations of the code

Version 0.4

Now 5 available rules!
Added the optional suffix parameter

Version 0.3

First release on Android Market!
Known bugs: Prefixer currently won't work on HTC Hero due to a bug in the htcDialer application (build 2.73.405.5).