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Prefixer is a utility application for your Android device that automates the need of removing or adding specific prefixes and suffixes to the numbers you dial or receive. Once set up, Prefixer will trigger on incoming and/or outgoing calls based on your defined rule patterns, and on-the-fly remove specific characters and add the prefix and/or suffix you've defined. No need to mess with your contact lists anymore! All rules are shareable via QR code or URL.

Prefixer also includes call confirm functionality that can be added to any rule for outgoing call or as as completely separate rule. Except from the standard call confirmation dialog, we've also added a special challenge/party mode that will force you to solve a math problem before the call can be made. Perfect for party nights...

Prefixer is ideal for automatic handling of country codes, Google Voice, calling cards, PBX or similar. 

To learn more about Prefixer - jump straight to the help pages, read the faq or come join our Google+ community where you will find rule templates, user submitted rules, help and discussions.

Scan the barcode above to the left with your mobile (or click on it if you are looking at this page through your Android browser), to open the application in Android Market.