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IKEApp is the only shopping help you need preparing for and during your next visit to IKEA. Download the app from Android Market here or scan the barcode from this page.

With IKEApp you can search IKEA's whole inventory for product and stock information by name, article number, free text or by a scanned product barcode (Barcode Scanner app required). IKEApp also comes with a packing slip functionality. Add products you've looked up to the sortable packing list, including location (aisle and bin) and up to date stock info!
IKEApp also gives you instant access to assembly instructions directly in your device (no PDF reader required) or downloadable for offline use.
This page will briefly walk through the different functions in IKEApp.


This is the main menu of IKEApp. On it you have three main functions. 

Search product
This will open the search dialog. 
To search from any other page in the app, you can also click the magnifying glass button to the right on the blue action bar or use the barcode button next to it to open the scanner functionality. To use the barcode functionality you need the Barcode Scanner app installed. 

Packing slip
This will open the packing slip functionality. 
Instead of wasting paper using those white little notes you can find in the store, together with the (even smaller) pens - you can save a list of products in the app instead. Prepare a list at home or on your way to the store and stay up to date with current stock status and pick up spot (aisle & bin).

Watch list
This functionality will appear in a future update of the app.

The blue action bar in the top of the app always contains the main menu to the left, together with some contextual buttons to the right. 
In the main menu you'll find:

Main Menu, Packing Slip & Watch List
All of these have been explained above.

This will open up the preferences screen where you can configure the app to your own liking. For possible settings, see below.

This will open up another menu with functionality you might not need that often, but still could come in handy now and then. See the next paragraph.

This is what you will find when the "More..." button has been pressed in the main menu. 

This will show information about the installation, the developers (us) and current version.

This will send you straight to this page you currently are reading.

Tip a friend
Tip a friend is exactly what it sounds like - tip your friends about the app, sending them a link to the download page on Android Market.

Release notes
This is information about what have been updated in the current version of IKEApp you are using.

Visit forum
This will send you straight to our forum pages at http://forum.253below.com


This is the preferences screen. On this screen you will be able to configure IKEApp.

Preferred locale
This is the language you want to use in the app. Currently supported languages are English and Swedish.
Note that even if you have English or Swedish chosen as your preferred locale, product information and descriptions may be presented in another language in the app, depending on what country you have chosen in the next setting (Store country)!

Store country
This is the country you (most likely) are in and expects to visit an IKEA store in.

Preferred store
This is your preferred IKEA store - the one you most often go to when shopping at IKEA. All inventory/stock information and pick up spots will be based on this store. If you want to check another store nearby - you just change this setting.


This is an example of a search result dialog. In this case we have pressed the magnifying glass button and searched for "Billy".
The dialog will present each search result together with a product image, product name, article number, a short description and the price. As you scroll the list, more search results (if found) will be returned automatically.
Pressing one of the search result rows will open up the product information for that product (see below). If only one product matches the search, you will be taken directly to the product information for that product.

Product information

The screen shot to the left shows the product information screen for a product that we've searched for; BILLY, a bookcase combination.
The screen shows the product image together with the basic information like product name, article number, a short description, the price and available sets in stock. The product image is possible to zoom in to full screen by clicking on it. 
Below the basic information you will find information about where to find the item parts (sub products) needed to build the main product. Some main products consists of only one item, while other products consists of several, as shown here. 
For each sub product you will get the same basic information as for the main product including available stock. You can also see where to find it (aisle and bin) and how many of each is needed.

Every sub product is automatically marked as selected (the checkbox to the left) in the list. When you press the "Add selected to packing slip" button in the bottom blue bar  - each selected sub product, quantity and pick up spot will be saved to your Packing slip.

Assembly instructions
The product information screen is also where you will find the assembly instructions for a product. In the top blue bar you can see an icon with the "assembly man" that you always find in all IKEA's assembly instructions. Pressing that button will add links to the assembly instructions for the current product in your notification bar. Clicking on the notification link will send you directly to an online version of the assembly instructions, which means you don't need any PDF-reader app installed. From there you can also download the assembly instructions to your device for later use. If you choose to download the assembly instructions you will need a PDF-reader installed to read them though.

Packing slip

OK, so we have added some products to our packing slip. And this is exactly what we see here to the left.
For each product that we've added to the packing slip we now have a row with the basic product information including where to pick up the product.
On the left side of each row in the list we have a check box. This box is used to mark the product as picked or not picked. In the bottom blue bar we can see that we in this example have 13 products to pick up, out of which none have been picked yet - Picked items: 0(13). We also find the total amount. 
If we want we can easily change the quantity of a product by pressing the quantity button on that specific row. This will open up a dialog where a new quantity can be entered. 
Number of picked items and total amount is automatically updated when quantities are updated, products added or removed.
In the top blue bar there are three extra context buttons added. The first (from the left) is the sort button. Pressing this will open up a sort dialog where we can choose to sort the packing slip by added order, aisle/bin, price or name.
The next button is the refresh button. Pressing this button will refresh the stock information. IKEApp will refresh the packing slip automatically if you haven't opened it "today". If you manually want to refresh the list during the day - this is where you click. Note that the bottom blue bar contains information about what preferred store the stock information is taken from and at what time the list was last refreshed. 
The final contextual button next to the barcode button is the delete button. Pressing this will popup a dialog asking whether you want to clear the packing slip list or not. Pressing OK will empty the list completely.


Currently, IKEA stores in the following countries are supported: Australia East, Australia West/South, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain (except Baleares & Canarias), Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom & United States. We will do our best to try to support more countries soon!

Enjoy IKEApp!